These days in real estate industry, joint ventures rise by number of reasons. With JV development with Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd. you can open and get many opportunities to multiply with your existing assets. JV development also allows you to earn more profits and great incentives.

Structure of a Real Estate Joint Venture

JV means that any project is developed and expanded by two parties jointly. For example, In Real estate industry, one party is the land owner and the other party is a developer. Land owner either doesn’t have sufficient funds/assets and/or expertise to develop the property or land and the developer doesn’t want to block his funds by buying the land. Through JV, land owner contributes his land to the partnership and the developer builds the structure on that land. When the project generates revenue, it is divided between land owner and developer in a pre-agreed proportion.

In India, the key aspect of this JV development model is that the land owner contributes his land and the developer undertakes the responsibilities of obtaining approvals, property development, launching and promoting that JV project with his financial resources. JV development model is mutually beneficial for both land owners and developers. Important reasons behind forming any JV includes business expansion, new products development, opportunities to discover new markets, accessibility & availability to established markets and distribution channels.

Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd. encourages Joint Ventures

Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd. is known as for its vast experience and are highly skilled within their respective fields of expertise. Our team is composed of smart, skilled professionals in constructions, interior designing, architectural designing, project management etc. We invite partners to take the JV with us and to explore various and beneficial possibilities of turning a land into a gold mine. We at Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd. believe that a JV is one of the most effective way of enhancing relationship with associates, clients and communities. We encourage and look for similar credible and sincere work ethics from our potential partners.

Trinity Projects assure and recommend transparency while forming a JV. We let you go through different legalities involved and assist you with the required paper work. We are open to discussing your ownership agreements, profit goals, tax-related issues and entry-exit strategies in order to check clarity before striking the JV deal. We help and coordinate the entire JV process for a seamless execution of the JV deal and easy, quick and smooth and experience for our clients.

While working on a real-estate development projects, combining expertise from different sources can be a better way to ensure that the project is high quality and is distinguished from various beneficial projects. Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd. is continuously seeking new JV opportunities, JV tie ups, and capital funds with reputed and known international developers to expand and promote its corporate commercial segment.

Procedure for JV Development:
  • JV development agreement is an arrangement where land owner and developer would create and develop a new entity to get their good and mutual benefit.
  • Normally it involves a sharing of assets, resources, which could include be capital, physical equipment, personnel, facilities or it could be intellectual property such as patents.
  • Once the all examination gets finished of the property then the developer would provide the appropriate offer for that property development.
  • his offer basically contains of the proportion of the organized up space that shall be offered to the land Owner towards proper value of the land and so the quantity of down payment that might get paid.
  • Down payment may be a refundable that has got to be refunded back to the builder on sure-fire completion of that project.
  • The agreed percentage of the land can be offered to the owner which is taking under consideration of many factors:
    • proper and true value of that land
    • value of the construction on that land
    • step-up in value of that construction
    • value of the acquiring the required approvals for the construction of agreed building, selling and all administrative expenses
    • price of the individual space either it would be flats/office/other therein space.
    Why You Should Partner with Trinity Projects:
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