Project Management is a methodology which is originally developed for the constructions industry for controlling the schedules, construction costs and specifications. It is discovered to apply to all the industries starting from manufacturing to the very high technology operations.

Project Owners comes to Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd. when they want and wish to get reliable, expert, trustworthy and competent project management services. We would guide your project through various undulating terrains in the course of its implementation. Our services of project management are much searched and offered after due to a high level of mutual trust and confidence laid by our clients. We have our ability to scale up the resources to meet your any project demands and needs and great focus on value based engineering and delivering projects on right time within the schedule and agreed budgeted cost.

At Town Trinity Projects Pvt. Ltd., we have our proven track record of project implementation, project management and the ability to provide required designing, engineering, procures, construction, and integrated project management services along with very competitive advantages. We are very often engaged as the overall project manager for large-scale complex projects where various contractors/ subcontractors/vendors/agencies are involved and there are multiple activities need to be integrated into it to ensure the overall development and sure success of the project. Project management services include the developing project execution plans, detailed schedules, cost forecasts, cost controls, progress tracking, progress reporting, design integration, engineering, procurement, logistics and construction efforts.

Why Project Management is Important in Real Estate?

Large-scale real estate construction projects are expensive and very often high visibility undertakings with many stakeholders. Companies that manage their own real estate construction projects or that regularly tackle across a network of buildings, they have must cultivate systems for the managing projects for the following reasons and our project management service will guide and serve you the best possible way.

  • Budget Management
  • Time Management
  • Risk Management
  • Communications Issues
  • Quality/Financial audit

Our core values and fundamental business strategy include the constant pursuit of very high standards of Quality and HSE. We assure punctilious compliance to Health, Safety and Environment requirements and regulations during the design and delivery of the products/services. We strive our best to create HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) awareness and practices amongst our employees, personnel of all involved agencies in the project creation and execution including clients, contractors and associates.

Our project management service provides great range from concept to commission activities from the early stages of any project, to complete design-build contracts along with total-responsibility. Role and responsibilities may vary on various projects and for a particular project it might be governed by the overall project conceptualization, implementation, configuration and strategy entailing one of following arrangements:

  • Pre FEED services such as Feasibility Studies, Licensor Selection, Process Package
  • Front-end engineering and design (FEED) contracts
  • Project management consultancy (PMC) contracts
  • Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) contracts
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts
  • OBE(Open Book Estimate) contracts
  • External Development​

Design of any real estate project includes very initial design then master design and all detail design plans. Designing is a very critical and important component of any construction project which gives a direction to the scope of further work on that. Based on the detailed designs plan and specifications, a detailed scope can be defined and implemented. Scope, items and quantities of work are mapped to project. Although mathematically often cost figures are based on physically measure like the floor area, volume or length, it is clearly observed that costs of that do not always vary linearly.